🐻 Japanese bear attacks

Plus, Maine removes Trump from ballot, GM is suing San Francisco and Google has been tracking your incognito browsing.


🐻 Japan sees record number of bear attacks.

❌ Maine’s top election official removes Trump from 2024 primary ballot. This will probably get shut down like the Colorado attempt.

🦈 Teen surfer dies in South Australia state's third fatal shark attack this year.

😆 A video of Conor McGregor and Cristiano Ronaldo sitting ringside has been going viral for multiple reasons.

👎 Texas woman caught on camera breaking into family’s home on Christmas eve, stealing all the kids’ toys. WTF…

🧴 L'Oreal heir Francoise Bettencourt Meyers becomes first woman with $100 billion fortune. Not bad for being born into the right family 🤷 

💻 Pornhub announced that they will be blocking their site to users in North Carolina just days before a new law in the state takes effect.

🥊 Alex Pereira is considering a move up to heavyweight – which would make him the first three-division champ.


credit: cruise

$121 million: That’s how much GM is suing San Francisco for.

620 miles: That’s the range of a car battery a Chinese EV company has developed.

$108.4 billion: That’s how much Elon Musk added to his net worth in 2023.

$5 billion: That’s how much Google has agreed to settle a lawsuit claiming it secretly tracked incognito users.

4: That’s how many people Iran has executed on charges of being spies for Israel.

30: That’s how many procedures a dentist performed on a Minnesota woman during the same visit. She’s now suing.

276,000: That’s how many migrant encounters have happened in December, making it the highest month on record.


credit: @liz_c.anderson

W: Bulk elk wears the remains of mountain lion like a crown. That’s survival of the fittest in action 👑 

L: Nutjob caught on video pointing a gun at a teenager during a road rage incident.


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