🚗 How to steal a driveway

Plus, Zuckerberg is raising "luxury beef", man digs 40 meter hole in his kitchen and Tiger and Nike part ways.


credit: WFTV9

🌴 Thieves in Florida stole a woman’s entire driveway. Yes, her driveway.

🇦🇺 Australia outlaws Nazi salute. I wonder if they’ll outlaw the middle finger next 🤔 

🇾🇪 US and UK carry out strikes against Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen

🐄 Zuckerberg is raising "luxury beef” on macadamia and beer.

🥼 Johns Hopkins walks back diversity email stating straight white Christian male 'privilege' after backlash.

🚙 Mustang driver manages to launch himself directly into a house. It’s always a mustang driver…

⛳️ Tiger Woods and Nike call it quits after a 27 year partnership.

🇲🇽 In order to combat the migrant crisis, Texas blocks federal border agents from processing migrants in Eagle Pass due to their incompetence at addressing the issue.


100 million: That’s how much the 'Last Hawaiian princess’ is leaving to native Hawaiian causes.

40 meters: That’s how deep of a hole a man dug in his kitchen after dreaming he would strike gold. He fell into it and died.

200%: That’s what Argentina’s inflation is poised to surpass this year.

$14,000: That’s how cheap Hertz is selling Tesla Model 3’s after failing to effectively rent them out.

$100 million: That’s how much finance/real estate guru Grant Cardone is suing former T-Mobile CEO John Legere in a defamation suit.

$38 million: that’s how much ‘the most beautiful Ferrari ever built" is being auctioned for.

24: That’s how many seasons Bill Belichick has spent as the head coach of the New England Patriots. He is now parting ways with the team.


credit: Steven NurdinPinellas County Sheriff's Office

W: A couple rushed to the rescue after seeing a moose get stuck on an icy river.

L: Florida man beats partner with pink dildo after she calls him ‘limp dick’.


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