💨 Global Warming Farts

Plus, psycho cop caught on camera, nutjob spends 60k on OnlyFans and Rizz is the word of the year, unfortunately.


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💨 John Kerry lights up global warming panel… By ripping a big one on camera 💀

💬 ‘Rizz’ Is Oxford’s 2023 Word of the Year. Because… It’s 2023 after all.

🤦‍♂️ Obsessive OnlyFans member who would 'empty his bank account' to be with rapper Rubi Rose gets tattoo of her face after spending at least $60,000 on her in a month. This guy needs to go outside and touch grass, immediately.

👮‍♀️ A psycho cop caught on video tasing some poor dude trying to change his tire, has been put on leave.

🧬 23andMe is trying to update its terms and conditions in order to avoid accountability due to the latest data breach. Scumbag move much?

✝️ Pastor turns to OnlyFans — says she ‘feels closer to God than ever’. Huh? 🤔 

👩‍⚖️ Harvard president apologizes for congressional testimony on antisemitism after getting backlash for not answering some pretty basic questions.


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$30 Million: That’s how much a collection of white Porsches brought in at a recent auction.

4x: That’s how much the US is going to increase its munitions production according to Pentagon chief.

$1.9 billion: That’s how much Alaska Airlines has agreed to buy Hawaiian Airlines for.

3.7%: That’s what the US unemployment rate has fallen to this month.

$48: That’s how much Nutella costs in the Arctic. Yeah, shipping to the middle of nowhere will do that to ya…

$59 million: that’s how much a couple spent on their wedding. The groom is now in custody over shooting at police.

9: That’s how many tax charges Hunter Biden has been indicted on, adding to the existing gun charges. Not looking good 😬 


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W: A missing Botticelli painting worth $109 million was found after hanging in Italian family’s home for decades.

L: Michael B. Jordan tore apart His Ferrari after crashing it into a parked Kia.


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