⛽️ Gaslighting goes mainstream

Plus, 23 million people own worthless NFTs, Trump is removed from Colorado ballot and Zuckerberg is building a doomsday bunker.


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⛽️ ‘Gaslighting’ is the most Googled word in America

🗳️ Colorado has moved to remove Trump from the state’s ballot. Things are escalating 👀 

🔫 A student went on a shooting spree at a Prague university, killing 14 people.

🌴 Influencer brags about her easy life in Bali on twitter, she gets deported over it. Better to just stay quiet, lady.

🐳 Killer whale head-butts dolphin into stratosphere during rare southern California sighting.

🎥 Pornhub parent company admits to profiting from videos of sex trafficking victims.

🤔 Wayfair CEO Niraj Shah tells employees to 'work longer hours' in year-end email. Hold this L, buddy.

✨ Tech companies like Google and Meta made big cuts to DEI programs in 2023 despite big promises in prior years.

🚔 Teen who leaked Grand Theft Auto VI sentenced to indefinite stay in "secure hospital”. That sounds.. Ominous.


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23 million: That’s how many people own NFTs that are completely worthless. Biggest scam in recent memory…

$80,000: That’s how much a woman made from selling off a $3.99 vase she picked up at Goodwill.

12ft: That’s how big the gator was found at a Florida mall. Typical day in Florida.

$500,000: That’s how much the items in the Golden Globes gift bags are said to be worth.

$18.4 billion: That’s how much Anthropic, the OpenAI rival, is set to be valued at after raising over $750 million in funding.

120,000: That’s how many vehicles Tesla is recalling over a door safety issue.

$270 million: That’s how much Mark Zuckerberg’s is spending on his Hawaiian doomsday bunker.

100: That’s how old the Hollywood sign has turned. Remember when they turned it into ‘Hollyweed’?


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W: Woman finds $250,000 Rolex inside her $25 couch.

L: Las Vegas woman who claimed she was arrested for being ‘too pretty’, has been sentenced to life in prison for murdering mom.


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