💺 "passengers of size"

Plus, a surgery to grow taller, tech CEOs have a private group chat and Draymond Green is finally suspended.


credit: southwest

💺 Southwest Airlines is being blasted for their new policy which gives an extra seat to 'passengers of size' for free. How about we don’t encourage obesity…

🐂 A Newark bull that broke free from the slaughterhouse, causing disruption to NJ Transit, has been successfully captured. He will live out his days in a sanctuary. Fortune favors the bold, they say.

📚 Elon Musk is investing $100 million in a new school set to open in Austin, Texas.

🏀 Golden State Warriors' Draymond Green suspended indefinitely for striking Jusuf Nurkic. He should just take up MMA at this point.

😢 Kim Jong Un weeps as he pleads with North Korean women to have more kids.

🏈 Sports Illustrated publisher fires CEO after outlet caught posting AI-generated stories with fake authors.

💬 Tech CEOs were apparently panicking over Sam Altman's dismissal in an extensive group chat. Now people want to know what kind of convos happen in there 👀 

🐻 A wild bear caught on video rushed across a ski slope at Lake Tahoe, almost crashing into skiers.


credit: instagram @yefersoncossio

$175,000: That’s how much a man paid on surgery to grow 6 inches in height.

1.3: That’s how many jobs are available for every unemployed person in the USA – the lowest in 2.5 years.

$22.7 Million: That’s how much Coco Gauff earned in 2023, making her the highest paid female athlete of 2023.

$159 million: That’s how much Bernie Madoff’s victims are set to receive in their latest payout after falling for his infamous Ponzi scheme.

$4 million: That’s how much a former head of DEI at Facebook embezzled from the company.

$$4,370 That’s how much Spotify allegedly pays artists for 1 million streams. That’s not that much honestly 👀 

6: That’s how many years a progressive Thai lawmaker has been sentenced to after defaming the monarchy.

95: That’s how many years Disney has kept copyright control over Mickey Mouse, the little fella is about to become public domain in 2024.


credit: leona and eloise wierwille

W: A Great Pyrenees who fought off 11 coyotes is set to receive an award. Good boy 🐶👋

L: Vivek Ramaswamy got caught on a hot mike taking a leak in a during an X Spaces livestream with over 100k people tuned in lol.


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